The CEZ Group in Romania is partner of the Neversea festival for the second consecutive year, a collaboration through which local CEZ companies aim to raise awareness among current and future generations about the importance of using alternative sources of electricity generation.

 “The Neversea generation is determined to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and we are doing nothing else but supporting it,” said CEZ CEO Ondrej Safar. “The CEZ wind farm is now more than an impressive technical achievement, it is proof that we can do extraordinary things in a sustainable way if we dare to act differently”, he said, referring to a world premiere: for the first time in the world, the sounds of electronic music have been heard from the top of a wind turbine. Alex Parker, a young Romanian DJ, mixed music from 100 meters height on top of a turbine from Europe’s largest land-based wind park.

Climbing of the equipment, the desk and the mixer of the DJ was done with a crane inside the wind turbine, up to a height of 100 meters. The movement of people and various small appliances was made using the elevator in the turbine that only that day had covered a cumulated distance of more than 3 km, the CEZ Group announced.

The whole experience was filmed and can be watched HERE.

Together with the CEZ Group in Romania, Neversea aims to become the world’s first green-energy music festival in 2020, using the production from CEZ Group’s Fântânele-Cogealac-Grădina Wind Farm, in Constanţa County. Since the beginning of the year, the organizers have started the procedures for implementing a “green” festival, the first steps in shaping this common goal.

At the Neversea 2019 edition, CEZ will host the first 100% green area of the festival. This will be fully fueled with renewable energy and measures will be taken to prevent, reduce and offset any effects adverse to environment: selective waste collection and recycling; replacement of disposable plastic cutlery and dishes with glass bottles or recyclable cartons; removing plastic straws; selection of decorative elements that can be reused.

According to the study “Romanians’ perception of a green future”, initiated by CEZ Romania at once with the launch of the communication campaign “The wind of green generation”, more than half of the respondents (57.75%) consider that solar energy would be the best alternative to replacing current generation sources, and a quarter (26.75%) chose wind power as an alternative source.

INFOGRAPHY: Romanians’ perception of a “green” future”

The same research shows that half of the respondents (62.72%) attempt to have a positive impact on the environment through their day-to-day activities, and a third of them only partially (33.85%).

7 out of 10 Romanians who are responsible for the environment are careful not to throw garbage in unauthorized areas, 6 out of 10 selectively recycle garbage and 54.69% try to reduce water and energy consumption.

Romanians consider that the three most serious problems facing the environment in the future are: pollution (86.4%), excessive use of natural resources (76.68%) and garbage (71.71%).

The research was conducted between May 2-6, 2019 on the ivox.ro platform, on a sample of 1,368 statistically representative respondents from the urban area.

25.05.2019 · ROMANIA