“The Electrician’s Apprentice” educational program, set up by Distribuție Oltenia, a company within the CEZ Group in Romania, is expanding in the 2019-2020 school year with new classes that will prepare the future generation of electricians also in Mehedinți County. Between June 24 and June 26, the interested candidates are expected to opt for the “Low Voltage Electrician” specialty, supported by the „Electrician Apprentice” project at the Drobeta-Turnu Severin Auto Technical College.

 “The Electrician’s Apprentice” project started in the Argeș, Dolj, Gorj and Teleorman counties as Distribuție Oltenia wished to contribute to increasing the quality of training opportunities offered to young people who want to perform in the energy field.

Over the course of a school year, over 150 students enrolled in the program enjoy many benefits and participate in the dedicated activities needed to prepare for the job market:

§  Monthly study scholarships

§  Modern electrical laboratories

§  Internships in Distribuție Oltenia

§  A Distribuție Oltenia specialist designated for each county

§  Personal development workshops supported by ROI Association and New Horizons Foundation

§  Participate in volunteer actions and interactive activities during “Săptămâna Altfel”

§  Possibility to enter in competitions organized with and for “The Electrician’s Apprentice”

All interested are encouraged to submit the following documents to the Secretariat of the Drobeta-Turnu Severin Auto Technical College:

§  the form for enrollment in vocational education, issued by gymnasium school

§  the birth certificate, copy corresponding to the original

§  a certificate attesting to the marks and the total average obtained, as the case may be, at the national evaluation, in the theses with the unique subject in the 8th grade, in the national tests or for the capacity exam

§  the matriculation sheet for the gymnasium classes (with the calculation of the average graduation average), in copy

§  medical certificate from the family doctor

Distribuție Oltenia provides more details about the training opportunities offered by the “The Electrician’s Apprentice” Program at https://distributieoltenia.ro/ucenicelectrician.

15.06.2019 · ROMANIA